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The Beginner Course


Welcome to our Taekwondo Program. You have chosen the Basic Beginners Course. This course is designed to give you a strong introduction to the Martial Art of Taekwondo. Taekwondo translated literally means the Way of the Hand and Foot.

During your training in this course you will begin to develop the basics necessary to defend yourself. You will learn all the basic blocks, kicks, strikes and stances needed to have a solid foundation for further training in the art of Taekwondo.

Physically, you will get into better shape and start becoming more active. Mentally, you begin to feel more self-confident and find your self being more tolerant in uncomfortable situations in your life away from the class room.

Taekwondo becomes a way of life for those who stay. The journey in learning the art is a life-long adventure.

Program Goal

Understanding goal setting is important. You have chosen the beginning program that is designed to give you the basics needed for self defense. To defend oneself, you must be prepared both mentally and physically. By the end of this 8 month program, if you work hard, you will be able to promote to green belt (Intermediate level). In order to meet this goal you must set objectives and train consistently at least two days per week.

Your Goals & Objectives

While in this program, you will gain an understanding of our motto: Sweat + Sacrifice = Success. You will learn how to set objectives and goals. In the program your goal will be to achieve your next belt promotion. In order to do that you will have to learn the techniques required at each belt level. This program consists of the White, Orange, Yellow, and Low Green Belts. Your Goal will be to successfully test to Orange, Yellow, and Low Green during the 8 months and to Blue in the 12 month.

Mental Objective

Mentally, you will gain an understanding and appreciation for the oriental culture associated with the Martial Arts. You will learn some basic customs, courtesies and practices of the Korean culture. You will also begin a journey in learning the history of the Korean Martial Art of Taekwondo and understand its role in the culture and philosophy of the Korean people.

Physical Objective

Physically, you will train to better your current physical condition and to begin learning the art of Taekwondo. Each class begins with basic warm up exercises designed to both get you in shape and prepare you for the type of activities involved in Taekwondo. In this program, you will learn basic self-defense that involves stances, kicks, blocks, strikes and combinations.

Our Pledge

All of us at Cameron Park and Foothill Taekwondo are dedicated to giving you the most professional, well-supervised and highest quality classes available in any sport, anywhere!