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Black Belt Club

Goal setting and the subsequent achievement of those goals revolve around time and the management of time. When we set a goal for ourselves it is imperative that we also set a specific time for it's completion. Otherwise, it will be another one of those objectives that you never quite achieve, one that you'll get around to some day.

With your training here at our schools, we will supply you with the tools you need to develop a personal black belt plan, assist you in goal setting and help you realize your goal of achieving your Black Belt.

In the Black Belt Club, we insist that you set dates for both your short range goals (your next belt) and long range goals (your black belt). Having set a time for the completion of that goal, you must then break down the steps of achievement into weekly increments.

Your membership will provide you with access to Special work-outs and meetings, weapons training, and a reduced rates on items purchased due to your commitment.

Monthly Payment: Savings

When you join Foothill TKD Black Belt Club and commit yourself to the goal of achieving your Black Belt you join an elite group of students. Because of your dedication and commitment to this goal, you will realize many benefits not the least is $$ saved. The program is based on a 24 month period (testing fees not included). You will receive discounts for seminars as well as for merchandise purchased.

Special Workouts (5/Yr.): FREE

The Black Belt Club will meet on a regular basis five times per year. These meetings will include both a review of the student's knowledge of Taekwondo & add into the program, special new material only for B.B.C. members (joint locks, rolls, breakaways, etc.).

Weapons Classes: Included

Black Belt Club members are allowed into the weapons class. This is an exclusive Black Belt Club class that meets once a week for training and preparing for tournament involvement in our Pacific 5-star tournament circuit. Students will learn the proper handling and use for the following weapons, and integrate that knowledge with their forms:

Merchandise: 10% Discount

Your membership in the Black Belt Club will entitle you to a 10% discount on any merchandise you purchase at the school (excluding items on special discounts already). This discount can be used for uniforms, equipment, supplies, T-shirts, gear, weapons, etc.

Setting Goals and Personal Victory

A philospher once said, "We cannot save time, we only spend time, and we must choose to spend it wisely. The way we spend our time determins the course of our lives".